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Megamind DVD or Blu-ray Coupon!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Update:  We had a nice Family Movie Night last night!  My hubs went and bought the movie and candy (saved candy for later) with coupons at Walgreens.  I can only send him with a few coupons at a time, only because I would never put him through a stack of coupons and the time it takes to watch the cashier for accuracy.  He would never go back!

Megamind was just released today February 25th!  So if you want some savings on the DVD or Blu-ray then print the following:


Walgreens has it for $16.99 this week.  I hear that Best Buy and Wal-mart have it for $13.99!

I am going to Walgreens because it is one of those YMMV (Your Mileage Might Vary) and I do not want to travel far.  Also, I have $5 Register Reward I can use if I buy a filler like their Theater Candy for $0.69 this week!  So I will get DVD and candy for a total of $7.68 + tax! (Walgreens coupon policy is you can have coupons for as many items as you have so two items  and two coupons!)

Here is the math:  $16.99 DVD $0.69 Theater Candy = $17.68 – $5.00 Manufacturer’s Coupon= $12.68 – $5.00 Walgreens Register Reward = $7.68 + tax!

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