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Get Organized Wizard: Michele Connolly’s 30-Day Organize-athon

Sunday, April 3, 2011

As Spring Cleaning and Earth Month begins, I can’t help but think how much excess we have and how much we can give back to others by de-cluttering and recycling our items to churches, shelters and to anyone who could use a helping hand!

Michele Connolly has a wonderful website/blog that helps others get organized.  She began a April 1st 30-Day Organize-athon on Friday and it is not too late to get started and get caught up!

Go to the Announcement post and post a comment to commit—HERE!

Here are the links for each day:

Day 1:  De-clutter Your Living Area (April 1st)

Day 2:  Clear Out Your Hanging Closets (April 2nd)

Day 3:  Organize Your kitchen Utensils (April 3rd)

Good luck and get started at de-cluttering —this may mean giving away some of your stockpile, especially if you have overbought on great deals!

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